Website design is slowly becoming an art form of note, with more creative and innovative sites being born every day. When browsing around for new types of website animation, sound, video and interactivity, you will find that the plethora of options and creations on the internet are indeed astounding. Before all the bells and whistles though, make sure you’ve got the basic website design rules down.

Keeping your web layout clean is a no brainer. Not only does this make the site more visually appealing, but it’s beneficial for search engine marketing as well. Don’t worry too much about text fonts, apart from your selection of a universal and readable font. Navigation, it goes without saying, should be clear cut and not straying too far from the established norms. Users like familiarity in this structure and the three clicks rule should be maintained (your website user should never be further away than three clicks to get the information they desire).

Meta tags

While you may not be an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert, it’s important to work alongside one so that search engines are able to pick up your website. Meta tags, meta descriptions and keyword are vital (even if you’re not doing SEO on the entire website). Be careful to choose them carefully as they will help generate traffic to your site.

These little technical considerations will stand your website on good ground in the collective clutter that is the internet. Simple is better and faster, improving user experience and ensuring a steady flow of traffic to your website are some of the ground rules that need to be adhered to when building a new website.