When it comes to web design, there is one program that every designer needs to be able to use and that is Photoshop. In terms of graphics, Photoshop does everything from touching up old photographs, resizing images, creating personalised images to being able to apply special features to your images and more.

Photoshop is also essential for web design because it not only enables you to create logos and graphics, but it’s also an easy tool to use when creating menu buttons, flash banners and a range of other important website features. There are many ways of learning Photoshop online and some of the easiest ways to do this is by using tutorial videos.

The easiest way to learn Photoshop

After you have downloaded and watched a few Photoshop tutorials, you should start playing around with the program. Here are a few easy exercises to familiarise yourself with this program:

  • Try out the Brush Tool. Open up any image and select the brush tool, here you can try to change the size and hardness of the brush and experiment with the different effects it will have on your images.
  • Change the colour. You are able to change just about anything in Photoshop. In order to the change the colour of the brush, select the Colour picker and test out the different shades.
  • Retouch marks with the Clone Stamp Tool. To learn how to retouch dirty marks or remove marks which you do not want on your images, choose the Clone Stamp Tool.
  • Learn the curves function. The curves function is key to making tone corrections and contrast colour casts.
  • Keep watching online tutorials. To learn all these tips and more, spend some time learning from the vast amount of online tutorials for Photoshop and web design.