You may or may not be aware that making use of circles in web design is actually a fairly new development. The reason for this is that up until a little while ago, it was very difficult to create circular elements without making use of images, but with developments like CSS, we are seeing more and more circles cropping up in the world of web design.

Some people may argue it is more difficult to use circles when it comes to effective and functional web design, but when compared to the older, more box-like designs, it seems that using circles is an excellent way to make your web page look modern, fresh and visually exciting. A dynamic and aesthetically pleasing website is the perfect way to boost your digital marketing strategy.

How to use circles in web design

Incorporating circles in simple elements, such as a logo, is a simple way of creating a clean and classy image. The circle holds a world of meaning and carries a lot of symbolism in one simple form. Dating back to ancient times, humans have used the circle in artistic expression which is why designers today are using it more and more to create maximum impact.

Circles are also becoming increasingly popular for navigation in web design. The popularity of touch screen devices have exploded in the last few years, making the circle a logical choice for navigation patterns as people intuitively associate the circle with buttons. This is also effective when it comes to a call for action as the circular shape creates a sense of enticement.

Circular icons have always been popular in web design as they are image based and are therefore easier to incorporate. Circular icons are a timeless favourite and add a lot of character and sophistication to the overall look of your website; they are eye catching and can be used to promote your social media.

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