Your website is the heart of your business. It is where consumers go to learn more about you, explore what you have to offer and size you up against your competition. As such, it makes sense to pay close attention to the quality of the user experience that your website is providing. One way in which to do that? By keeping up with, and implementing, the latest web design trends. Here is a look at some of the hottest web design trends for 2020 and beyond.


One way to ensure that your brand comes across as relatable via your website is to personalise it as much as possible. In order to do this, you will need to understand your various types of consumers by creating buyers’ personas and then creating specific, personalised content for those personas. 

Voice User Interface 

Voice search using Google has been growing in popularity for a long time now. 2020 web design should seek to take advantage of this widespread preference and implement voice search functionality on the website itself. It is also important to take note of how consumers are phrasing their voice search queries. Then, factor this information into your website’s SEO.


Chatbots were a massive web design trend of 2019, and they are certain to continue to dominate throughout 2020. They not only offer a greater sense of personalisation and provide the illusion of an ‘always-on’ approach to doing business, but they also save your business time and money by reducing the need for a large customer support team. 


The functionality of a website is imperative, but aesthetics play a role too. Next year, do your best to keep your website interface clean and simple. Yes, minimalism is still the only way to go. 

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