Your website’s Resource Centre or blog archive page probably doesn’t get much thought or attention from your marketing or web design team. This is the page where all of your news stories, blog posts, company announcements and press releases get published.
Resource Centre and blog archive pages get more links than individual posts. This makes sense because other websites are inclined to direct people to the freshest source of content on your site and this is the page that usually gets updated the most often. When it comes to creating a strong Resource Centre, we recommend the following:

  • Dates and by-lines so that people have a clear idea of how often you are publishing content,
  • Images to capture the readers’ attention and to build brand awareness,
  • Social sharing buttons so that people can easily share your content on social media networks if they found the content useful,
  • A breadcrumb URL structure so that you can easily track traffic to your Resource Centre and see which pages were the most successful.

Earning merit-based links through your Resource Centre is something to strive for. When another company links to your site, it means they value what you’re saying enough to share it with their own audience.

The digital marketers at WSI OMS can do a website audit of your site to determine which pages are ranking well and where you can improve. Whether you want to improve your internal and external linking strategy, your Search Engine Optimisation or your website design, contact WSI OMS today.

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