Well-designed websites are especially important for small businesses and investing in professional web design from WSI is a wise decision. More and more business is conducted online every day and if your website isn’t high-performing then you may be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Web design has become much more complicated over the years, with analytics, search engine optimisation and other digital marketing strategies coming into play. It simply isn’t good enough to create a basic website anymore.

At WSI our professional web design team specialises in creating a high-performing website for your business that is current, relevant and improves your Google search ranking. Websites that contain old content and are never updated don’t perform well in search engines so it’s important that you keep your site updated on a regular basis.

Have a look at some of our web design tips for small businesses:

  • Don’t crowd too much content or too many images on a single page. It may be tempting to try and cram as much content or several images on a single page, but it will just end up looking crowded and confusing.
  • Include visible call-to-action buttons. This is especially important for non-profit organisations and businesses with a charity component. If people want to give to your business, they need to be able to find the buttons that allow them to do so quickly.
  • “Extras” aren’t really extras anymore. By extras we mean an RSS feed, a company blog and links to all social media pages. It’s common for people to stumble upon your website from another source, like a Twitter link or a LinkedIn page, so these extras are in fact necessary now.

Web design is an involved process that can seem complicated and overwhelming. At WSI our team of professional web designers is ready to help you create a new website or improve upon your existing website in order to improve your search engine ranking, help you reach new customers and give you a website that accurately reflects everything you have to offer.

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