Web design software allows you to construct a website easily without having to know or make use of too much coding. It is often preferred to simple text editors because it is more intuitive and user friendly. Web design software allows you to design quickly, and some even allow you to you upload directly to a hosting server. Here are some basic facts about web design software which you should consider before buying or making use of any particular type of software:

  • HTML coding? It is not necessary to know HTML coding to design websites. Some simple text editors require the use of HTML coding, but there are many of other types of web design software which do not require it. While HTML knowledge isn’t a prerequisite, you will often need a basic understanding to fix minor glitches in your design.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver:  this software allows users to hide the html coding while they design the website. This makes it easier for users who do not know how to use HTML coding.
  • Coffee cup software: this type of software is known as being ‘two editors in one’. It facilitates the design perspective, viewing cascading style sheets (CSS) and HTML coding. Furthermore there are forty different templates to choose from which is very helpful to beginners.
  • Personal Web Kit: this software does not require any HTML knowledge and it is free to download. It is easy to add pages, insert pictures from a digital device and upload the web design to the server you have chosen.
  • Purchasing web design software: you can download a free trial of Macromedia Dreamweaver and then purchase it, if desired, from Dreamweaver’s website. Alternatively you can purchase this type of software from stores like Incredible Connection or other stores where computer software is sold.

This is some very basic information about web design software which can help new web designers. But you should try and get as much information as possible before deciding which web design software to use and purchase. Make sure you read up about any potential software on consumer review sites and web design forums or communities online before making your decision.