It’s been proven time and again that engagement through interaction brings online success – and this year, web design is jumping on the bandwagon.

In previous years, website interactivity has seen a significant boost, with companies emphasising consumer engagement through linking their social media accounts to their websites. This year sees something a little different – direct engagement through your website. This can take place in almost any form – from scroll navigation and click controls to animated characters.

This can assist your user in learning more about your product and services by actively engaging them in the information-sharing process through participation. Strong visuals are key to this type of web design, drawing the user in and playing on their desire to essentially ‘see what’s behind curtain number two’.

When you’re looking to change your website from a static, passive site into an interactive one, keep in mind these expert tips:

  • Go real time: Real time feedback for users about their (and others) interaction on your site makes it feel more participatory. For example, if you are raising money, have a continuous feed showing the volume of funds streaming in. Mention each donation and credit each person by name for his or her involvement – it’s not just about showing the larger community that’s active on the site, it’s about incentivising people to participate.
  • Choose responsive design: An interactive website that won’t work on 9 out of 10 devices is just not up to modern consumer standards, so be sure to invest in a design that will make your site user-friendly on your target audience’s devices.
  • Keep your brand image in mind: Don’t simply implement interactive elements to stay on trend, as they will only work successfully if they enhance your brand’s image and reputation. If interactivity is something that won’t resonate with your target audience, rather choose a different, up-to-date design that will.

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