At WSI our web design team knows that it isn’t enough to simply create a website anymore. With the competition for internet customers being more intense than ever, and with more people shopping online than ever before, it’s critical to ensure that your website is performing at its maximum efficiency. Your goals should be to increase traffic, attract and retain new visitors, retain repeat customers and achieve high rankings in search engine results. Think of your website as your company’s most important piece of property with millions potential of daily viewers.

The web design methods and techniques we use are customised to suit your website and your specific needs and goals. There are millions of websites vying for competition and we want to help you cut through the competition and go straight to the top of search engine rankings. We do this through a variety of methods and techniques that have been proven to work.

WSI improves your website’s search engine rankings by:

1) Link building

WSI will create and implement a link building strategy specially designed to get your website noticed. Link building is a method of achieving high search engine ranking by having as any good quality links as possible coming to your website.

2) Website optimization

This is a process that analyses various components of your website including page titles, internal link structure, navigation structure, page headings, site maps, keywords and more. We examine all of the components listed and make changes and improvements where necessary in order to achieve good search engine rankings. 

3) Website analytics 

This is an important component of web design because it allows us to identify which parts of your website are attracting visitors, which pages of your website are performing well and which pages need improvement. Analytics also allow us to identify why visitors leave your site and what your top keywords and search terms are. 

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