In order to measure your online presence, you need to perform web analytics. However, if you want to maximise the benefits of web analyses, you need to measure organic, direct, social and referral traffic separately. This is because in order to get the most from this market research tool, you need your analytics to measure the effect of different online strategies.

For example, your website may be attracting a great deal of traffic, leading you to believe that your online strategy is perfect. Without performing detailed web analyses, you may overlook ways in which you can attract more traffic to your website. However, the bulk of your website’s traffic may be organic, coming as a result of Google search and you may be able to improve other traffic generators.

If your web site is getting a lot of traffic from Google search, this is an indication that your SEO strategy is working. Yet, it is also important to remember just because your SEO strategy is working does not mean that your digital marketing campaign cannot be improved. If all your website’s traffic is coming from direct marketing and organic search, there are still more ways you can attract traffic to your website. For example, by engaging on social media, you may be able to attract traffic to your website from social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

By performing a detailed web analyses that measures your traffic individually according to the various segments, you are able to assess the effectiveness of your various online marketing campaigns. This will give you a clear indication of which campaigns are working and which campaigns could be improved or even scrapped.

Detailed web analytics can also give you an indication of the user experience of your website. For example, if people are not exploring your website after arriving on the landing page or the about us page, you may need to work on your web design and layout. You may find that redesigning your site will help you to keep the visitors you attract to your website.

If you want to attract more traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales, you need to perform detailed web analytics. This will give you a good indication of how to improve your digital marketing strategy.

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