Pinterest is one of the latest social media successes to become a must-have tool for marketing your company online. Marketing your company online is critical now more than ever, and your strategy needs to incorporate marketing on mobile, optimising your website, content marketing, and social media like Pinterest to be effective. Want to measure the success of your campaign with web analytics? Here’s how to use Pinalytics for Pinterest.

Firstly, would your business benefit from Pinterest?

There are so many avenues one can take when creating a digital marketing strategy. Social media is powerful, but with so many types of sites out there, you’re probably wondering which ones would suit your company the best. Pinterest is one of those sites that has heaps of benefits without you having to do much leg work. Some ideas for using Pinterest include:

  • Promoting specific products, by pinning your product images;
  • Show your company’s expertise by creating ‘pinnable’ content such as infographics;
  • Use web analytics to find out what kind of topics interest your target audience and pin accordingly (this could be ‘interior design trends’ if you own a fabric shop, for instance);

How to monitor success with Pinalytics

So you have incorporated Pinterest into your marketing strategy. Now what? Using Pinalytics, a web analytics tool specific to Pinterest, you can measure the success of your Pinterest campaign. Pinalytics can help you see if your keywords are successful on Pinterest and how they are used on the social media site. You can even decide whether Pinterest is worthwhile for your company based on these results. Using this information, you can also connect with the most popular pinners, helping to reach out and interact with your audience.

Digital marketing strategies are monitored for success using web analytics. With WSI, we can help you build a marketing campaign using social media, mobile, optimisation, stunning web design and more to really make the most of the web. Contact us today.

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