A properly written website set to keywords and optimised for search engines is a great way to get noticed. Generating Google image traffic through the pictures on your site is another way that you can increase the amount of qualified visits to your website. Here are four ways to do this that hardly take up any time at all.

1. Use keywords in the picture description

A filename that consists of random numbers and letters (MYIS1SG2C.jpg, for example) means absolutely nothing to a Google crawler and even less to an end user. Create file names for your photos that describe what the photo is. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a qualified hit on that image so the right people see it makes it worth even more.

Be sure to type in a description in the ‘Alt attribute’ field. If you do this for your blog post, you may even find that the picture gets better results than the blog post itself.

2. JPEG is the best filename extension

Experiments have been run on which filename gets the best results and .jpg has been found to be the best in most search engines. This could be because the photo can be compressed to lessen page load time. Another reason is because .jpg’s are readable by every browser. Search engines know this and could focus on .jpg’s to give their user the best possible experience.

3. Upload original photos

Adding your own photo content, often and regularly, will help you stand out from all the other sites on the web that all too often share photos. How will you know if you’re uploading original content? It’s simple, take your own photos! Getting high quality photos on a regular basis is so easy now with digital cameras that you have no excuse to not snap a shot or two every day.

4. Upload more than one photo

This may seem counterintuitive with the heavy reliance on text bringing in qualified traffic, but research has shown that pages with plenty of optimised photos on them have ranked better than those with fewer. Why? This may be because search engine algorithms factor in the end user experience: people like photos and programmers know this.

Those are the most basic ways you can get Google image traffic to your website. The experts at WSI OMS can help you come up with even more.