Videos and content marketing: We have all seen videos go viral and wondered what sort of social media marketing magic was used. Luckily there is no trick or magic to make a video or online account “go viral” – there is however a clear formula and a variety of tips which can make it possible. Most viral videos present an emotional experience or something shocking or surprising to viewers. Of course the content of the video can only be seen if it is properly marketed and below are a few tips to getting your video on its way to going viral:

  • Share, share and share some more. A video cannot go viral if it cannot be shared. How it travels is important and if you include basic features such as social media links to help viewers share their experience with others, half the battle is won.
  • Make it undeniably like-able. Now, we aren’t talking about making it possible to like the video on Facebook, although this is something you should already be doing. Make sure the video is funny, emotional or eye catching. If it’s not likeable, chances are it won’t be shared and its road to going viral will be obscured.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Let’s face it, nobody online wants to spend an extended period of time watching a video, even if it’s funny. Keep it short and sweet and leave them wanting more. You have at least 5 seconds to grab their attention and then maintain it for a brief time after.
  • Communicate a story. Humans love stories. We like to follow stories with characters and we always want to know what happens in the end. Design your video to follow a story line and it will certainly create interest in the content.

That’s it. Now you have a short, entertaining and interesting video which is likeable, you just need to share it with people who would care about the content. These people will share it with other like-mined people and before you know it, your video has gone viral.

Content marketing – getting videos noticed with the help of WSI

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