What are recruiters looking for on your LinkedIn profile? We often hear about our friends or colleagues getting ‘head hunted’ on LinkedIn, but what did they do to make their profiles stand out to recruiters?

Here are a few things recruiters are looking for when they happen to stumble on your LinkedIn profile and want to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for one of their clients:

An updated, full profile

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t going to benefit you much if you’ve only got a job title, a summary and your most recent job listed on the page. Make sure you’ve included your entire job history, information about your career goals and how you’ve grown throughout your career.


It’s one thing to call yourself an ‘expert software developer,’ but it adds a lot of credibility if other people are confirming that you do, in fact, possess these skills. If you’ve got a number of ‘thumbs ups’ from past colleagues and clients, then it will show you are known for the skills you claim to possess (which can go a long way in terms of a recruiter looking to recommend you to one of their clients).

A professional picture

Every LinkedIn profile needs a picture and if you can upload a professional looking one (where you’re wearing work attire), that’s even better.

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