Not only is Pinterest a cost-effective marketing channel, it’s also highly effective. New research shows that 69% of online users who visit Pinterest have a clear intention of purchasing products. This is very different from other types of content production (seeing as many people surf the web for information, not to be sold to).

One of the biggest differences between Pinterest and other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, is how people connect. With Twitter and Facebook, people are more likely to follow / befriend people they know (this is especially true with Facebook). On Twitter, people extend their following to news sites and people who publish information they are interested in. Pinterest, however, connects people based on their common passion. This is a powerful connection that can be made – and if a purchase is likely to be made downstream, you need to start reaching out to the communities that are passionate about whatever you’re selling.

Many times, people think their businesses aren’t visual enough. Whether you’re selling financial products or cement mix, you can turn your Pinterest account into something that people would want to look at. If you’re selling investment packages, create pin boards of ‘the dream life’. If you’re selling cement mix, pin pictures of architectural marvels. Think out of the box to reach out to the core needs of your target audience with pictures.

Your next step is getting access to high quality pictures. While it’s great to share and re-pin pictures from other users, your best bet is to share your own images or buy high quality images online. Remember that Pinterest users are primarily female, so keep this in mind when you start strategising and choosing images.

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