If your shop is located in the back alleys of the city because of expensive rent prices at better, high foot traffic locations; you can expect to attract fewer customers than the guy up the road who has his business located on the Main Street. You might be selling a product or service at a competitive price that people need, however, because of your location you’re probably selling a lot less than what you could be. The exception would be your few regulars who know you and your store, and will come to you to buy your products/services because they know the guy on Main Street is ripping them off.

I’ll compare the above scenario to the Internet. If your website (shop) is visible on Google (the city) then you can expect to attract a lot of traffic (customers). The only difference here is that a successful Internet business isn’t going to incur exorbitant rent prices and will be able to compete with the so-called ‘bigger and better’ organisations on a level playing field. Just like the shop in the city and its few loyal customers, your website will attract low traffic volumes unless you put an Internet Marketing strategy into action.

Increasing your Internet Visibility

Start by conducting an analysis of your target market and website. If your goal is to sell products and services through your website then it needs to be in line with the audience you’re trying to reach. Ask yourself:

  • Can I describe my target market?
  • What are their habits?
  • How do my current advertising efforts compare with what my audience is reading, watching, and listening to?

Your website’s visibility on major search engines like Google is affected by a combination of things, some of which includes SEO, design, content, user-friendliness, and your use of Social Media Marketing.

If you’re serious about making money from your website then you should consider hiring an Internet Marketing agency to help you get started and generate leads on the Internet.

Francois Muscat is an expert on Social Media and Internet Marketing. Download his whitepaper 2010: The New Ways to be Found Online and get better insight into increasing your Internet visibility.

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