Not only is video marketing great for engagement on your site, but it can also make a big impact on your bottom-line. If you’re worried about all the effort that goes into creating a video that doesn’t generate the results you want, then consider our tips and ideas:

Cliffhanger endings

What gets you staying up to al hours of the night watching television? Cliffhanger endings in series! While your corporate video may not be quite as dramatic as Breaking Bad, there are a few ways to develop a series of videos (of say, a product demonstration or a more personalised piece from the CEO) that leads people to want to watch more. Always make sure that more suggested videos are available for people to watch. If you don’t have a follow up video, then include links to content, Whitepapers or other material for your watchers.

Tell a story

People are tired of being sold to. Instead of showing people a product, tell them a story. Show them how your product solved a person’s pain points and let the viewer connect the dots as to why they need to buy the product from you. Video marketing isn’t the place for hard selling.

Consider SEO

Make sure you include relevant keywords in your video’s meta title and video description. Instead of only adding it to your site, upload it to YouTube and Facebook as well. This will increase the number of people that will see your video and these sites also rank high in search results, which will boost your video marketing strategy.

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