Websites that are large and have a focused topic plan with lots of content tend to have better search engine rankings than smaller websites.  There is allot more to rankings than just the size of a website.  Quality backlinks from authority websites is also important in getting Google to index  your pages and content.

Search engines loves content and you might have heard the phrase “content is king” but without a focused plan with a linking strategy for your website, your content could be useless.  Search engines indexes the text  found on website so highly graphical websites with little or no text will have a poor search engine ranking.

View a video below where Matt Cutts explains this.


Find below a couple of tips to help your website rank better in the search engine rankings.


Always create a master plan for your website.  The plan will consist of your objectives and the targeted audience you would like to reach.  This must also include a “content plan” that your targeted visitors will find appealing.  Select keywords and keyword phrases around your “content plan” and use those as a guide in planning your linking structure and logical sections of your website.


By simply adding more pages to your website will not improve your search engine rankings.  It takes planning and organizing a website into focused topics around a focused relevant theme.  Original and unique content that follows the website plan notifies the search engines what subject the website is about.  Websites with high search engine rankings focusses on a single topic to get the best results.


Get authority links that is relevant to your subject to link to your website.  This will also encourage the search engines to index your pages.  Social media like adding a blog to your website can help attract inbound links.  You can also use “article sharing” websites, press releases and FAQ sections to help with this.

Content is king but it needs a plan to get the best results from it.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding content marketing and optimizing your content to get maximum results from the search engines.

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