This has been in a the pipeline for a while now and I’m really surprised that it actually took this long, but the search engine giant has finally announced vanity search engine friendly URL’s on Google+. When these new vanity URL’s are rolled out (slowly starting), there will most likely be a huge amplification on Google+ where everyone will try to get the best vanity URL’s.

There are thousands of Michael John’s in the world, but there will only be one real That will be a very powerful vanity URL when someone takes it. Instant online reputation, branding, enhanced search engine optimization, and instant exposure for your name. If you are using Google+ in your marketing initiatives yet, I strongly suggest that you sign up and secure your profile on this network right now so that you can be first in line when Google+ rolls out vanity URL’s for everyone.

Google updates

Over the last few months, Google has updated their algorithm quite frequently with Panda and Penguin updates. They are busy targeting link and content farms by reducing their results on the search engines. In plain English: they are basically enforcing everyone with a website and involved with marketing online to focus on a narrow funnel for their content, which means that you will have to make sure you are using your content for marketing on the web very wisely.

By owning your own Google+ vanity URL will be one of those smart moves you can make in your awareness campaign. Google+ offers huge search engine optimization and social media marketing advantages that you can use to increase the organic search engine rankings for your content.

As Google is moving forward to integrate all their services together, it will become very important to own your own vanity URL on the search engine giant. Start thinking what your custom vanity URL will be.