YouTube isn’t the second largest search engine for no reason. With everything from email marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing available to digital marketers – it’s no wonder the people investing in video marketing are getting the best results.

While you might not be ready to kick-start a full video marketing strategy, there are ways to incorporate videos into your existing email campaigns. Research from Email Monks showed that including a video in your email can increase your click through rates by a whopping 55% (and it can increase conversions by 24%).

There are, however, a few technical things you need to consider before you include a video in your email campaign. One of the options, for example, is to embed the video within the actual email (this means it will play when a person opens your email, so they don’t have to click through to a different site to watch the video). Thanks to HTML5, this is possible, but not all of your recipients will be able to watch the video.

Email clients that can support embedded web videos include, Apple Mail, IOS devices and Thunderbird 13. If you choose to embed a video into your email, make sure you’re segmenting your email database so that you only send this particular email to clients who have these devices (this might be a bit tricky, but any good developer will be able to determine this by taking a look at your website analytics).

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