Certain words have been proven to work better in persuasive copywriting. There’s nothing mysterious about using trigger words to get your reader to click on the Buy Now button. Here are the words that can help give the website user a much-needed nudge in the right direction:


As a copywriter, you’re writing for the masses, but each reader should feel that you are writing for him or her. Instead of saying “many people suffer from insomnia”, write “you’re tired, overworked and overstressed – getting the sleep you need could change your life”. Make the article a personal conversation with the reader, not an objective piece for your client.

Safe / Secure

People aren’t inclined to take risks (especially when it comes to buying something over the internet). If you’re writing about a beauty product, say that it is 100% safe and has been tested. If you’re trying to get people to use an e-commerce website, say that the site is 100% secure and has unique encryption features to keep their personal details safe.


Try to make your offer seem like the most simple, obvious solution for the reader’s needs or wants. Say that the ordering process is easy and explain what to do (try to eliminate any questions or arguments that the reader will have by answering any potential question in your content).


Build hype with using emotional words such as “exciting” and “excitement”. Make sure the reader knows that you are excited about being able to offer the product (and why the reader should be excited about buying it).


Not that you should be throwing the word “purchase” all over the page, but “purchase” sounds much better than “buy”. Instead of saying “buy now”, tell the reader that they can “secure” their product or “purchase” the product.

Find out

The phrase “find out” immediately gets a reader curious. Avoid words like “learn” (this sounds too time-consuming and exhausting), rather tell a reader that they can find out what everyone else is talking about (not “learn about a new product”).

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