As a business owner, you may find the idea of getting involved in yet another form of social media marketing pointless and time consuming, but the beauty of Pinterest lies in its simplicity and by using it correctly, you can see a dramatic increase in your online sales.

The focus of Pinterest is images and you do not need to be an active member on Pinterest to benefit from its traffic. The idea behind this digital marketing tool is to encourage other users to “pin” your images which will ensure they are seen by others.

How to use Pinterest to benefit your business

Whenever you post an image to your Facebook page or company website it is important that the image is attractive to those viewing it as well as ensuring your image carries the necessary code to make it pinnable. Make sure images that appear on your pages have a “pin it” button as this will encourage viewers to pin your image.

Once an image has been pinned, potential customers will have a direct link back to your company page, increasing your online traffic without you being an active Pinterest member. Being an active member, however, does have its own benefits as you will be able to have a more direct method of communicating. Pinterest has even recently added a new messaging feature to make this more beneficial.

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