LinkedIn is a professional social network with over 100 million users. This network allows you to make connections and find new business at a faster rate and reach new areas you want to reach than traditional internet marketing ever could. In today’s digital business lifestyle, being a bit “Web 2.0” savvy goes a long way.

LinkedIn is an excellent channel if you want to reach specific people. It should never be used as mass market broadcasting as this can hurt your reputation on this professional network. Here are a couple of methods you can use to get the most out of your LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn strategy

Profile: Build up your LinkedIn profile to be 100% complete that will highlight your experience, expertise, and the capability that you offer. Your profile should show your unique selling proposition of why business prospects should use your services. Include a link to your Twitter profile, blog, and your website.

Invite: Search for people that you know on LinkedIn and connect with them. You can also send out connection invitations to colleagues, clients, and even suppliers. You can use the advanced search tools on LinkedIn to find people you went to school with, or that you worked with at a previous employer.

Networking: Use LinkedIn answers to network and interact with targeted prospects. Ask them questions that would interest them. Invite these people to join your network and become a connection. Once the connection is establishes, meet them by phone or for a cup of coffee to strengthen the relationship.

Prospect list: Use the advanced search of LinkedIn and other sources to compile a list of targeted prospect companies you would like to reach. This can be done by any demographic or industry.

Introduction: Search through your contact list for people that are working at the companies you would like to reach. Look for similar connections and other contacts busy working at those companies. Use the introduction feature and create a warm call opportunity. This can greatly enhance your success rate.

LinkedIn is much different than the other popular social network channels online. It is focused towards business and business members.  If you want to connect with like minded professionals and you want to grow the visibility of your business online, try connecting in LinkedIn.

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