Hashtags are funny little things, previously the domain of Twitter, but now realised as an effective tool in content marketing. Largely used on social media, hashtags make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.  They are a great way to promote your brand, create conversations, generate feedback and follow trends. Here’s how you can use hashtags to increase your content marketing reach.

  1. Amplify your content

People use hashtags to search for information on social channels, so tagging your content appropriately will make it easier for an audience to find you. There is so much online content that the competition for anyone trying to grow an online audience has become very steep. Amplify your content to make sure it stands out by using hashtags.

  1. Pick the right hashtags

Hashtags are essentially a promise of more to come, so it’s vital to use relevant hashtags with your content, so you don’t run the risk of disappointing your audience. Using inappropriate hashtags can make your content look spammy, which could damage your content marketing strategy in the long run. There are free tools to help you find the right hashtags, like Hastagify.me, that show their popularity. Once you have identified some hashtags, think about how to use them – the ones with the highest popularity will mean there is a lot of competition for attention. It might be worth using a less popular hashtag with less crowding.

  1. Use trending hashtags

Identifying existing hashtags that relate to your content can help you piggy back on a trend. You can use these hashtags to join a conversation, to draw attention to your content. Look for hashtags that are trending or gaining popularity.

  1. Create hashtags carefully

When making your own hashtags, check your spelling, check slang dictionaries and check how it looks with different capitalisations. A quick search for hashtag fails will show you some funny and some very damaging results from inappropriate hashtag creation and usage.

  1. When and where to tag

Different social media platforms use hashtags in a variety of ways – Facebook posts with hashtags by publishers like CNN show more interaction than those without, but the general feeling is that Facebook is a more private network for friends and family, so using hashtags is unnecessary. Instagram, however, relies on hashtags to make their images more findable. Hashtags on Twitter do produce more interaction, but any more than two or three starts to look desperate.

Hashtags are a valuable tool in promoting your content and increasing its reach, but they should be used carefully to avoid embarrassing mistakes or backlash. For more on social media services and content marketing, contact us today.

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