Google trends is an essential tool for all businesses who want to improve their digital marketing efforts. Luckily, anyone can use it – not only is it incredibly user-friendly but it is also free. It basically shows you how common it is for a specific search term to be entered into Google compared to the total search volume that exists within various places around the world and in different languages. Here are some reasons why you should be taking advantage of Google Trends and its many benefits.

  • Keep up with the times

It’s not enough to understand your business and its offering, inside out. You also need to remain aware of what is happening around your business in terms of the industry and the things that your consumers are looking for. Google Trends will provide you with an interesting insight into this.


  • Select the most profitable keywords

What’s the point of using a keyword if nobody is searching for it? Google Trends will allow you to discover which keywords, relevant to your business, are being typed into the search engines the most, therefore making it possible for you to maximize your digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing efforts.


  • Keep an eye on your progress

By simply typing in the name of your business, you can immediately see how popular it has been with customers and potential customers over specific periods and how often they have searched for you specifically.


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