In simple terms, Google’s pay per click program allows you to acquire a position on the search engines by choosing a bid price you are willing to pay for each visitor you receive on your website. Pay per click is one of the most effective channels which one can use to advertise, this is because an advertiser only pays Google once their advert is clicked on. Pay-per-click ads are very useful in driving targeted traffic to your website quickly. Here are some of the benefits of using PPC

  • Budget flexibility – With Google’s PPC you will be able to set a daily budget and this can be adjusted accordingly. Google will never charge you more than your budget.
  • Instant Results – In most cases PPC will result in an instant increase of traffic to your website. Unlike SEO that requires a bit of time before it starts sending traffic to your website, PPC is instant. When set up and managed correctly a PPC campaign can produce results in a short period of time.
  • Campaign Flexibility – Google’s PPC campaigns are so easy to work with. Google will even make suggestions to you, for instance it tells you if a keyword is not performing or if your ads are being limited by your budget.
  • Measurable Results – With Google’s PPC you will be able to measure your return on investment. You will be presented with metrics such as cost per click, click through rate and overall monthly costs. Having such information at hand can assist in measuring the performance of your campaigns.
  • Brand Building and Awareness – PPC can be used as an effective way for brand building and increasing brand awareness, this is because your ads will be presented to searchers every time they search for the keywords you are targeting regardless of whether they click  your ads or not.
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