Foursquare recently announced that business profiles can now be opened on a self service basis.  Previously, if you wanted your business listed on Foursquare, it had to be loaded manually by Foursquare staff.  With the most recent change, brands of any size or type can now create their own dedicated pages.  This is really good news for small businesses as this can be benefit to their social media marketing strategy and it can complement their local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

With this change, Foursquare encourages brand interaction both offline and online.  With ease of access to Foursquare, businesses will be able to test and service the benefits of location based social media and users will be offered more options and information when in particular locations.

Location based services

In the last couple of years, location based services have been rising as the numbers of mobile device users accessing the web increased. It is now easy for a potential prospect to search from their mobile device while they are on the move.  They search when they have a specific service in mind or just checking what is happening in a specific area. Obviously, this is a huge leap for online marketers.  If your business is listed on Foursquare, then you are opening up your door in a convenient way and you are likely to have a niche appeal. This appeal is important as people can sign into your venue and share it with their network.

Foursquare is excellent to give incentives to users (social badges). Companies can reward loyal customers based on the rate of check ins and it is exactly the same as a loyalty card with a big change – these “badges” will be shared in their social networks. Competition can be encouraged with rewards of custom “social titles” and it is all done in the name of your company or brand.

Start using Foursquare

Now is a great time to start using Foursquare especially with their recent deal with Groupon. Businesses will be able to offer instantly redeemable incentives to checking in and other users will be made aware of what time the specific deal is available near them.

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