Websites and blogs have different purposes with any internet marketing strategy. Blogs are mostly used for branding and communicating (Social Media) with targeted customers where websites is a marketing piece (online brochure) developed / designed to sell or get some sort of conversion. Using a blog with your internet marketing strategy can be very powerful for your business.

You can combine both (a website and a blog) by adding a blog to your existing website.  The easiest and most well known method is by simply adding a sub domain to your website (  By having a blog  you can reap the benefits by adding a service that supports your website in a number of different ways. Communicating with your clients, building backlinks, support, etc.

Benefits of a blog

  1. Blogs are interactive where websites are passive.  Blogs broadcast content via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) on the internet every time the content changes.  This way users can subscribe to your Blog’s RSS feed and be immediately notified if your content changes or new content has been created.  There are also dedicated RSS Feed aggregators that list your Blog’s newest content on their websites dedicated to it.  With a normal website, new content needs to be discovered first by the search engine spiders before it will be indexed.
  2. Posting and content syndication on a blog is instant.   RSS feed aggregators (Blog directories) as lists your new postings within minutes after you have published the new content.
  3. Blogs can build a client base.  It is very easy for users to subscribe to your blog and view new postings instantaneously as soon as they happen.  With a blog you also encourage repeat visits as users can see new postings via their favourite RSS readers or by email.  With a website, you hope the user bookmarks your website to come back.
  4. With a blog, you can be ensured that the search engines will see your new and fresh content as blogs tend to deal with breaking events and industry related news.
  5. Blogs are created for user interaction.

Blogs are easy to create and to maintain as many “out of the box” open source blog systems are available.  This blog is running on WordPress with a couple of “plugins” found around the web.  There are a number of different plugins available that you can download for free and install on your blog.  You can get “SEO only” plugins, newsletter plugins, twitter plugins, etc.

Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding blogging.

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