If you wish to improve your ecommerce but are not yet fully invested in going into a complete online shop, then the buy button is the way to go for you. This will give you the freedom to sell only a selected amount of items on your website as opposed to being a fully-fledged online store.

How to incorporate a buy button onto your website 

You can start making use of this beneficial feature on either your own hosted site, WordPress, Tumblr or any other website platform imaginable. Adding your buy button is as simple as embedding a YouTube video, so you won’t have to worry about programming hassles.

Why a buy button is a smart move 

Incorporating a buy button onto your page can open a number of various doors for you by growing your brand. If you are trying to promote only a few items then you can write an entire review on said item and then link a buy button to the page with a photo of the item for sale. This will engage your customers and encourage them to get involved with your brand then and there.

Who can help 

If you wish to begin this but are not a computer whizz at the best of times, you needn’t worry. There are people in South Africa who can easily assist you today. WSI OMS is dedicated to helping you reach your digital marketing goals and we offer training courses and a number of services to help you expand and grow to where you wish to be digitally. We have a dedicated team at hand always ready and willing to help where we can. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today and begin to grow your online presence.

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