What can you do to increase your organic rankings on the search engines for your website? By adding a blog to your internet marketing strategy you can do this. By using a blog and optimizing your blog posts, each post adds an additional page to your website that can be fresh, relevant, and keyword rich.

Using this method can be a great way to increase your organic search results on the search engines. Blogging requires that you write original and interesting content to attract links on the social web and other interesting bloggers mentioning what you are saying in their own content.

Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started with blogging to increase your website rankings

Blog marketing tips

Create a blog: Setup a blog on your website to increase the value of your whole domain. You can either create your blog as part of your website or on a dedicated subdomain. If you are going to use a subdomain, take note that this subdomain will be seen as a new domain by google.

Keywords: Research and create a list of keywords that you want to target and rank for on the search engines. Every keyword and phrase that you target should have a website on your main site. When writing your blog posts, link to these pages within your content to increase the rankings of those pages.

By using targeted keywords in your blog posts and linking them to relevant pages on your website can greatly increase the rankings of those pages. Interested visitors will also have a dedicated page where they can go to for more information regarding your services or products.

Optimized topic: Select a topic that your readers will find interesting and that is relevant to your business. The topics you choose should be closely related to the keywords and phrases from the keywords you have selected. Your blog posts should answer popular questions regarding your niche, and offering a solution to your audience.

Blogging is an excellent method to help you with your internet marketing campaign. In a follow-up post I will be explaining on how you can use a blog as the center point of your social media marketing strategy.