By adding a press room section to your website is a very important part of any PR campaign. This usually becomes a valuable resource centre for reporters and interested parties. Your online press room offers your users everything that they need to know about your company and business including executive biographies, background information and other contact information for the company PR contact.

What platform?

By using a blogging platform such as WordPress, you can create an online press room that is very easy to maintain and update. The RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed connected to your blog will broadcast your press releases to the web to make it possible so that it is seen by many people giving your PR campaign even more exposure. There’s a growing number of reporters, editors and journalists that are reading blogs on a daily basis.

Link Magnet

Your online press room will be a natural link magnet since many other blogs and other Web 2.0 channels will notice your stories and link back to them as a resource reference in their blog posts and articles. The key to making this work is to publish only stories that are truly newsworthy and insightful. You can submit your online press room (blog) articles on popular press release websites for more exposure.

Online Press Room

When you are setting up your WordPress blog to use for your online press room, the focus should always be in your news releases. These can consist of full blog entries. If you are going to publish many press releases, customize your WordPress blog template to only list the date and title of each release. You can setup categories such as company news, industry news, new products, services, etc and file releases by category.

In addition to the full blog entries, create pages that are full of resources for reporters and journalists to gain as much background information about your company and business. These pages will make it easier for the media to create stories about your business.

Areas that you can include on these pages:

  • FAQ section
  • File photos to download
  • Biographies of key company officers
  • A list of recent news stories
  • Fact sheets about your services and products
  • Resources for industry information
  • Contact information for the PR representative
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