Blogs are one of the best ways businesses can interact and reach targeted potential customers.  Blog marketing is where you can educate your readers by sharing your business opinions, advice and your expertise.  With a blog you are not selling directly but you are using it for branding purposes and interacting with your visitors.  Blogs and websites usually work hand in hand.

The job of your business blog

The sole purpose of your business blog is to attract readers.  Blogs are also natural linking magnets that can attract huge amounts of inbound links if your publish engaging, original and interesting topics.  Other bloggers will see this and reference this on their own blogs to start the conversation.  This is excellent as they usually link back to the original content of the blog post.

Websites vs Blogs

Websites are passive and blogs are active.  With a blog you broadcast your message out to the online world via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) every time you publish something new.  Websites always have to wait to be discovered by the search engine bots and spiders.  It is like the difference between hunting and fishing.  You always have to wait for the fish to bite, or you can actively get involved and pursue.

More traffic

It is known that businesses that blog, gets more traffic and more inbound links to their website or other online profiles. These are very powerful that can indicate how successful a business website is.  Blogs can build your brand authority and brand awareness in your targeted market.  Blogs can build a strong relationship with your audience and at the same time build trust. This will also make you the natural contact person if your audience seeks help

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