Twitter is a great place to network, chat and spread your content. If you’ve got a social media marketing plan that includes Twitter, then it’s worth your while to use hashtags to your advantage.

Hashtags are usually a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign. When you click on the phrase, all the other tweets with the same hashtag will appear. This allows Twitter users to follow a conversation about a certain topic of interest. Here are a few things to keep in mind and to help you to use hashtags more effectively:

  1. Hashtags can’t include spaces

Even if you are using multiple words, such as “social media marketing,” you need to put them next to each other like this: #socialmediamarketing.

  1. Create something unique

A hashtag about #socialmediamarketing will bring up a bunch of tweets from different Twitter users around the globe. If you want to create a more niche stream of content (or more relevant results so you can track your hashtag), create something more unique like #WSIsocialmarketingtips or #WSIsimplysocial.

  1. Keep it short

The abovementioned examples are actually quite long. Remember you only have 140 characters in a tweet, you will have more space for content and URL links if you choose a shorter hashtag.

  1. Track your reach

While it’s easy to see who’s contributing to your hashtag by simply searching for the hashtag, there are better ways to find out what the hashtag’s actual social reach is. Use to see who is retweeting your links, who the top contributors are and how many impressions your hashtag has made on Twitter.

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