Most people think social media is only used for marketing purposes. Did you know you can use social media for customer service issues? There are many ways you can use various social media channels such as Twitter to help you with this. One good reason why you can use Twitter as a customer service platform is because of its real time update nature. If you use Twitter for customer services, you will be able to view and correct customer service related issues as soon as it happens in real time.

The other reason you can use Twitter for your customer services is that the exchange between your business and your customers are public. This means that the issues your customers are having will be public, and how well your business resolves the issue. This is seen by many and it can greatly enhance your transparency and earn the trust of potential customers.

Your communication line is open

In order to use Twitter in your customer service department, you must notify your customers that your communication line is always open. Start by inviting your customers to follow your Twitter account by promoting it on your blog, website, offline advertising and business listings. Once your current customers are busy following you on Twitter, be the first and share some information about your company to them. You can tweet about your services and any promotions you are running. Encourage them to mention you when replying to your tweets to let them know that you are ready to help them.

Are there already people on Twitter complaining about your company? Respond to these people first and make sure their issues gets resolved as soon as possible. If you help people online, you will be seen as trustworthy and attentive to other Twitter members. When you start using Twitter for customer service related issues, be sure to have someone monitoring your Twitter profile closely and alert you when you are mentioned online.

Using Twitter for your customer service issues will not only show that you care about your customers problems, it will build trust for your business. This can also show your company that you are an up to date company using the latest technologies to take your business further. Maintaining open dialogues with your customers and allowing them to speak directly to you through social channels will encourage them to share positive information about you.