Social media (Web 2.0) channels and technologies of today are all about connecting quickly, communicating, sharing and learning. All these technologies are perfect to find the best job faster than any other traditional job searching methods.

Mashable wrote an excellent blog post previously titled “How Job Seekers Are Using Social Media for Real Results” on how job seekers are using Web 2.0 tools to find jobs. Social media is a great way to find the perfect job you are looking for. Where do you start? Find below a couple of tips to help you find a job using social media.

Use social media tools in your job search


By using your blog as a resume, you are putting yourself out to the widest group of potential employers. Your resume blog could be more in-depth than your normal traditional resume.

You can post stories about your major accomplishments, your education, the projects you are working on and any other topics that you are personally passionate about. Be unique and fresh. Always communicate on your blog in both directions by encouraging and enabling comments on your resume blog.


You can post a video resume on YouTube to get noticed quickly. With your YouTube video resume you can stand out from the crowd and your competition. Use keywords and keyword phrases in the title of the video and the description to help your YouTube video resume to be found on the search engines.

Once you have created and uploaded your YouTube resume, add the video to your blog as well.


Facebook allows you to post a profile and place regular general and personal updates about yourself. It is becoming quite popular for recruiters to join popular social networking sites to check the profile of a potential hire. These recruiters are also looking on these networks to check for references.

Always have a clean profile and remove all the inappropriate content that you don’t want others to see. It won’t look good if you are after the perfect job and all your profile pictures are of you – in a bar – or…


Twitter the ultimate micro blogging tool is an excellent way to find a new job. There are hundreds of recruiters using Twitter eg: Use Twitter search to search for real-time recruiters or post an update that you are looking for a new job with a link to your blog resume.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking channel. You can post your profile and connect with as many people as possible on the network. You can find helpful tools on the LinkedIn network that can help you find job openings.

Inside introductions are a powerful advantage in getting your resume in front of the right person. LinkedIn also broadcasts your information to other LinkedIn members and Google searchers. You can find thousands of recruiters on the LinkedIn network.

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