Yesterday we did a blog post – Use Social Media and Internet Marketing for traffic. This post is a follow-up and focusses only on how to get traffic with Social Media.

By increasing targeted traffic to your website or blog can mean more business leads and more sales. More visitors to your website means that there are more people to look and learn about the products and services that you offer. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a great way to get more targeted visitors to your online profile.

How do you use Social Media effectively to make it work for you? In order to get the best results with Social Media you need to build trust by offering value and interacting with people. This doesn’t mean that you should just focus on one way conversations but rather discussions. It’s all about building relationships.

How to get involved with social media

Targeting: Blogs, Social networks and forums are generally specific to a particular subject. Research which ones you will use. Participate and be active on sites related to your market and niche. These sites will be the places where you can find targeted customers.

Participate: Always be an active participant and part of the online community. You can interact and become known to others. Be involved and post regularly. If you don’t have the time to commit to this, find someone else in your organization that will take this on. To be successful with social media takes time and dedication but the time spent on this can often out weigh the costs (time) involved.

Blogging: I believe a blog is an essential part for any Social Media Marketing campaign. Write about topics that will interest your ideal customer and what they will find informative. If what you write on your blog is fresh, important and original, you will attract both the attention from links and other bloggers.

Building links: Links from blogs and other Social Media (Web 2.0) sites are very valuable in building your search engine rankings. Original and informative posts will serve as linkbait which can drive your search engine rankings higher.

Build authority: By interacting and participating on social networks and forums, you will build a reputation as an expert in your field. People always prefer and like to do business with people that they know and respect.

To be honest, there’s really not a single golden rule to make use of Social Media. The key to be successful with Social Media is to get involved and to network with other people. This can pay your business with increased prospects, customers and visitors.