Coming up with new ideas for blogs can be challenging. However you can use old posts to generate new content ideas. Here are five ways how you can use old blogs for new content concepts:

  1. Re-Edit It And Clean It Up

Do you have older blogs that are good structurally but require some editing to make them spectacular? Re-editing and cleaning it up can achieve exactly that. Follow the checklist below to ensure you edit and update blogs accordingly:

  • Improve writing and grammar.
  • Find, remove and replace dead links.
  • Update references and data.
  • Recreate images to fit a more current look.
  • Add expertise that you have gained since the initial post.
  1. Dividing Older Posts

If you are able to dissect older posts into smaller parts, you can focus on each of the topics and elaborate thereon. When editing older posts you can add links to each of the additional articles in relation to the older post.

  1. Apply SEO Principles

Applying SEO principles to older blogs posts can greatly enhance traffic to your blog posts and update older posts to more up to date search engine searches. Copywriting services can improve your marketing strategies and build a professional business image and portfolio.

  1. Format Change

Changing the format of older blog posts used for social media marketing for example can increase the number of people who actually read the post. Here are some exciting format changes you can apply to previous blogs:

  • Slide decks.
  • Social sharing graphics.
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Syndication
  • E-mail auto responder course.
  • Printable worksheets.
  1. Changing the Style

Choosing a different style of writing can refresh older posts and attract new audiences. You can choose from different approaches such as that of an insider, outsider, expert, newbie, observer, cryptographer or convincer for example. This will ultimately add a fresh approach to your previous blog posts.

Old blog posts can serve a good purpose by allowing you to gather fresh and new content ideas. Updating blog posts regularly is necessary to maintain an up to date social presence with your audience and to continue to grow and further your business.

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