Trust and credibility is the glue that holds LinkedIn together and adding recommendations to your profile (digital CV) is a powerful way to cement stronger bonds with your connections. On LinkedIn, recommendations plays an important role in building your brand and your image. Authentic endorsements from clients and people you have done business with can speak volumes of you.

Getting recommendations from clients, colleagues, and employers can instantly add credibility to your digital profile on LinkedIn. These endorsements are really testimonials that are powerful because they are written by others. How do you get valid endorsements on your LinkedIn profile? On LinkedIn you can ask for recommendations directly from past workers, managers, service providers and even business partners.

LinkedIn is also a powerful way that you can use in your internet marketing strategies. Here are a couple of tips that can help you with this process.

LinkedIn recommendation tips

Targeting: Seek out testimonials from leaders in your industry and satisfied clients that you have. Testimonials from family and friends will not add much weight.

Clients: Encourage all your customers to give you a recommendation as you completed your work. This is a great time to ask for feedback.

Giving: If you don’t feel right asking for one, start the process by giving out one. You will be amazed how flattered they are and most of the times they will leave one for you as well.

Value: Always think about the value that your recommendation will add to your profile. When giving out recommendations, try to add as much value to the endorsement that you can.

Specific: General comments are seen as very weak endorsements. A good recommendation has good examples or information. Instead of saying “Herman is a good person…”, say “Herman is an excellent employee to work with and he has a thorough understanding of…”.

Credibility: If your endorsements are full of raving and hype statements, they will also be discounted by readers. The best recommendations areĀ transparentĀ and honest.

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