Internet marketers have taken the use of images in their campaigns to the next level. Services such as Shutterstock, online tools that make infographs for you and the number of graphic designers who are contracted to create unique, exciting images for brands, are just a few things that show us how important images are in our social media campaigns.

If you’ve been experimenting with photos and images on Twitter and Facebook then you will know that social media updates with images are more popular than updates without images. Similarly, blogs with great images perform better as well. Here are a few ways to get your images to stand out even more:

Unique images

It’s not always possible to create new images for each and every update or blog post, but try to commit to posting unique images as often as possible. Hire a photographer to take product shots/professional employee shots which you can use throughout the year.

Personal branding

Put your company’s logo or slogan on your images. Not only does this show that you’ve created a unique image for your blog or social update, but also that people can’t easily re-share your photo without your brand name being shared along with it.

Get the creatives involved

Photographers and graphic designers aren’t always familiar with the ins and outs of your brand and they’re not always able to come up with intriguing new ways to showcase your brand. If you or someone in the company has a few good ideas, arrange a brainstorming session so that you can give the photographers and graphic designers more direction to create unique, intriguing images.

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