If you are in the process of creating a blog or a website that only focusses on a single phrase, how would you choose your navigation to reflect the keywords you have chosen? Google released a new tool in 2009 called Wonder Wheel that you can use to narrow down your keywords.

The Google Wonder Wheel creates a visual mind map of specific keywords. It retrieves the relevant phrases that you have entered into Google and it then displays them in a wheel-shaped display.

To view the Google Wonder Wheel, do any keyword search on Google and after the results, click on the “options” beneath the textbox where you entered your keywords and then scroll down to the bottom on the left hand side you will find the link “Wonder Wheel”.

This tool is meant to provide a more visual display of relevant search keywords and terms. You can use it to quickly create a SEO friendly navigation structure for your website and blog.

Let’s suppose you want to create a website or a blog around the term “wedding dresses”. You would search for wedding dresses and then bring up the Google Wonder Wheel.

You now decide that your website will also focus on wedding dresses and also bridesmaid dresses.  So you click on “bridesmaid dresses” and a new refined wheel appears. The new wheel now shows relevant categories around your two topics. The keywords shown on the Google Wonder Wheel is the keywords that you can use in planning the topic and structure of your website and blog. These keywords are considered relevant as it is Google that suggested them.

Using the Wonder Wheel to find related keywords can be done in under a minute.  This is a very quick and new way to create an instant website plan.

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