Google made history last year when they launched their social network Google+. Since its launch, it has become the fastest growing social media channel to date. Google+ has more potential than just being labelled as a social network. Google+ is an extension of Google, and this means that it does carry some search engine optimization (SEO) potential.

Many members on Google+ are reporting that their Google+ profiles have increased in organic rankings of Google. That makes Google+ a highly effective online reputation management channel. Here’s another way you can benefit using Google+ to manage your reputation online. You can build a business or brand page on Google+ and share and post content to that page just the same that you are tweeting and posting to your Facebook fan page. The business page on Google+ carries the same potential to rise in the organic search engine result pages for your business.

Google+ for search engine optimization

Did you know that you can use Google+ for search engine optimization as well? Think about it… social signals are starting to carry significant weight on your organic rankings so I suggest you start using Google+ to its full potential. With this said, the same rules apply as on the other social media channels where if you start spamming with over the top usage of un relevant keywords, you can get your Google+ profile suspended and that could negatively impact your reputation online.

To avoid being suspended on Google+, post and share to your Google+ page the same types of messages and content that you post and share to your other social media profiles. Are you spamming your Facebook business page? Are you Tweeting spam message over and over again? Same rules apply that you are using social media to interact and engage with your target audience. Google+ only carries the benefit of increasing your organic search engine rankings.

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