While looking at factual information such as numbers and statistics is the most likely scenario when reviewing how well your website and business are performing, it’s easy to forget the real bottom line: your customers. Customers are human beings, with human emotions, which is why emotional targeting is essential to explore as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Use emotional triggers

While services and product features are important, human beings are more likely to connect with your brand on an emotional level. Images and content that create positive feelings such as happiness, joy or love are more likely to be engaging and convert to leads and sales – both on your website and social media marketing.

Memories speak a thousand words

Memories – the happy kind – create a positive sense of nostalgia. Content marketing that associates joyful memories with your brand on an emotional level will help generate leads based on an emotional connection… a desire rather than basic need, which is the makings of establishing brand loyalty.

Tell a story

A digital marketing strategy that includes great visual storytelling is far more likely to create engagement than plain text. Human beings respond to images, especially if those images are beautiful, nostalgic, happy, joyful, or create a positive emotional response in some way.

Testimonials and reviews

Say yes to testimonials, and never turn down the opportunity for your brand to be reviewed on another website or blog. It’s great for link building and SEO, but more than that it generates ‘social proof’ from real people who have had a positive experience of your services or products, creating a sense of trust.

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