Many successful businesses are run by “if” / “then” rules and marketing strategies are no different. For example, “if” someone buys our product “and” they are on our marketing list, “then” the contact should be added to the customer list and removed from the prospect list. After this has happened, then print the shipping lables, send them the product and a thank you email, add them to the newsletter database and call them two weeks later to make sure their product arrived and that they are happy with their purchase.

This is a prime example of how the entire process of lead nurturing should work. When processes like this are automated, then minimal involvement is needed on your part.  In many businesses, the abovementioned scenario is still managed by people. While human interaction and involvement makes a brand personable, people are only human and mistakes can creep in. Many times, these mistakes can lead to prospects slipping through the cracks and dormant leads.

When your lead nurturing system is automated, you will be able to benefit from reliable, repeatable, predictable, scalable and automated results. Instead of relying on employees who often use their own discretionary judgement, you can automate the entire process to ensure consistent outcomes and results.

Boosting your sales cycle starts with creating high quality, captivating and engaging email marketing campaigns that follow up with leads, prospects, existing customers and clients for you. For more information on how automated lead nurturing can work in your business, contact WSI OMS today.

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