Every year, a myriad of new graphic design technologies, applications and techniques flood the market. Many website and graphic design companies continue to hire new, young designers that have different ideas and education than what you may have had. The economic client, coupled with the fast-paced industry in which we work, requires you to consistently up your game and remain at the forefront of your potential clients’ minds.

Tips to make sure you are not stagnating at work

Be enthusiastic

Most designers start off as passionate workers when they first finish design school and start working. Every day life and normal job stresses, however, can cause you to forget that you chose this line of work because you are skilled and talented in this arena. Enthusiasm is tangible and colleagues, clients and people you network with can feel it. Being passionate about your work is an attractive quality that draws people in and leads them to trust your judgement.

Being enthusiastic about graphic design means that you not only take pride in what you do, but also devote time to learning about new things in your field. Being passionate about your work will also help motivate you for difficult projects.

Be inquisitive

Engage with other designers, listen to podcasts on the internet and read graphic design blogs. Not only will this open your mind to new techniques and technologies but it forces you to stay connected to trends and innovations in the industry. If you aren’t forced to try new things in your normal nine-to-five job, start a new project for a family member and make the project completely different from something you would design for your employer.

Share a project

Collaboration can go a long way in graphic design. Throwing ideas back and forth can help you think out of the box and possibly even realise a few solutions to problems you didn’t know you had.

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