I met Marvin Himel 3 weeks ago in Toronto where we were working on new a new training curriculum for WSI Internet Consultants. We have developed an exciting Digital Media Professional’s training that will leapfrog WSI Consultants ahead of their competitors.

Marvin is our sales trainer and mentor to many ICs and 2 years ago he put me through the paces in his ‘train the trainer’ program. I must say that it was stressful but well worth the experience.

Anyway Marvin invited me to present at his Power Hour session where he invites guest speakers. He calls the session “Lessons from the Masters” Examples of up-selling by Francois Muscat. I am flattered to be called a master.

I presented my overall strategy on how I run and grow my WSI franchise. My business model is one of recurring revenue and the way to achieve this is to provide ongoing Internet Marketing services that achieve measurable results.

I like my clients to recognize me as their online marketing partner who adds value to their business. So one way that I demonstrate this is to work on a month to month basis, with no contracts for any of my online marketing services. I guess that is my way of putting my money where my mouth is. No results, no pay.


I believe in simplifying the Internet for businesses and my approach is:

  1. Every business needs credibility and an online brand if they want to increase their chances of a visitor doing business with them
  2. All businesses need lead generation and they need it right now. So I recommend strategies and services the achieve immediate results and provide them with a roadmap going forward
  3. Most importantly, all businesses should have a list, or develop a list of clients & prospects that they can educate and provide relevant and interesting information to help build credibility, do lead generation and provide ongoing support & information. This trusted list will generate future business.

I then discussed the top questions that I ask so that I can propose the best and most cost effective solution.


Next, I showed my sales folder where I have real live examples of the results that I get for my current clients, all with references, case studies and testimonials. This is where I build my credibility so that people will engage with me.

My killer solution for any business is the competitor analysis report. This is an analysis of my client’s top 3-8 competitors. I reveal their online strategies and develop a cost effective game plan that produces rapid results.

Eventually we got to the main part of the presentation where I role played the way I interact with my clients during our monthly/quarterly reviews. I shared examples of my reports, meeting minutes and presentations.

Finally the best way that you build credibility and generate quality leads is to do small educational seminars. I have found this to be a great way to develop my business as there is no hard sale. The prospects choose you based on their impression of your ability.

Upselling to your clients

I love using mind maps as they help to display information in logical way and it helps show the connectivity between the presentation subjects.

It was a great hour and I received some wonderful testimonials. Here are some comments.

This is a great business and I love the WSI network.

From Robin Oliver

Francois, I was actually discussing your presentation with another IC and we both agreed – it was one of the best presentations I have heard since joining WSI this summer. There was a lot of good information that was easy to understand, even for a newer IC.

Thanks for the information!

From Kalpana Murthy

Hello Francois,
Thank you for an amazing presentation today, during Marvin’s power hour. It
was very educational.

From Dale Kropa


Today’s presentation was perhaps the most meaningful presentation I have attended since joining WSI 3 months ago.  I have been attempting to get my hands around a number of different SEO/SMO concepts and your presentation today helped me to sort things out and I thank you for that.

From Sami Matani

I was amazed with your unorthodox approach towards your clients in terms of money back guarantee and no contracts; you are not only showing confidence and integrity; you are forcing your clients to close with you because simply they have all the world to gain and nothing to lose.

I would love to have you as my mentor and I have in mind the right clients for such expertise. I’m sure you’ll hear from me in the near future

From Asma Mubarak

Thank you for the great presentation as always

From Bruce Francisco

Hello Francois

Thank you for a terrific webinar today. I also listened to your talk with Darren Kincaid last week and you provide so much useful information for us newer ICs, they really should put you into our initial training.

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