Getting the relevant information under your potential customers’ eyes is key to making money online. People are bombarded with marketing messages online. It’s too easy to overwhelm people, which is why many internet marketing experts are helping brands personalise their content marketing strategies in new, impactful ways.

  • Find the Micro Moments

Your first step in the right direction is to group customers that have similar buying behaviours and needs. If there are young sports enthusiasts that buy branded attire, or mothers who purchase certain products for their children, then you need to understand the interactions that these groups of people have with your brand. How they progress through the sales journey, from awareness to buyer to repeat buyer, can help you discover many ‘micro moments’ where you can reach out to potential buyers and help them progress on their buying journey.

  • Empower the Right People

If your sales and marketing have always been operating in silos, and you want to switch to a culture of personalised marketing, then you’re going to have to carefully select the right people to start working together. Gather a group of people who represent all parts of your company (including sales, marketing, digital media, IT and analytics) to find out how you can switch from pushing generic messages to looking at the digital and in-person signals from customers to create personalised message.

To be able to scale personalised messages requires a lot of thought, careful planning and many times a complete rewire of how your business is currently tackling digital marketing and content marketing. If you need help with personalising your digital marketing messages and strategies, then get in touch with WSI OMS today.