There is still a fair amount of apprehension around the country with regards to social media marketing – and perhaps rightly so. After all, the social media explosion that has taken the world by storm did seem to happen overnight, with many business owners writing it off as a fad that may just blow over. In this piece we’ll try help you better understand some of the benefits associated with social media marketing.

Increasing brand awareness

Social media represents one of the easiest ways to introduce someone who is unfamiliar with your products or services to your brand. The advent of smart phones and increased internet access means that around 9.4 million people now have access to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Due to the way information spreads across various social media platforms, websites such as Facebook and Twitter are the ideal places to promote your brand to potential clients. So don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing when it comes to increasing brand awareness.

Customer serviced

Even if your business has a dedicated customer service department, it’s unwise to ignore the potential that social media has when it comes to servicing customer requests in an effective and interactive manner. Responding to requests and queries on your social media channels also helps you build rapport with both existing and potential clients – thereby developing a loyal and expanding customer base that trusts the legitimacy of your brand.

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