It’s not particularly difficult to spot effective copywriting when you come across it on the net. There are, however, a few traits or characteristics that set outstanding copywriting aside from good copywriting. The following piece will take a closer look at two of these traits.

It steers well clear of excessive hyperbole and jargon

Avoiding hyperbole and jargon is something many copywriters find difficult to avoid. And while it has its place in your copy, it doesn’t mean that it should be used unduly and to the point where it becomes difficult for readers to understand. One of the hallmarks of effective copywriting is the ability to convey a message in such a way that it is easily understandable by all readers.

It doesn’t ramble on – it’s concise and to the point

Many copywriters fall into the trap of writing excessively long pieces that seem to tail on forever. One of the most important skills a copywriter has in their locker is the ability to convey a message across to an audience in as few words as possible. Visitors to your website don’t want to be stuck reading through massive walls of text. Short, sharp paragraphs broken up with a few bullet points will hold your reader’s attention for far longer than unnecessarily long copy.

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