There is no denying that, amongst all social media platforms used by businesses to connect with their customers, Twitter has become the most popular. This is by and large because of their 140 character limit, which makes it easy for people to follow the new developments of a company without having to read lengthy blogs or articles. Blogs and articles still have a place in social media marketing strategies, though, and shouldn’t be done away with completely, but not making use of Twitter to promote your business and connect with your customers during these times is like shooting yourself in the foot before running the race.

To ensure you make the most of this platform, it is advisable to get social media marketing professionals like WSI OMS involved, but for those of you who are well acquainted with this social network and are looking for a few tips that you can implement now and that will give you the upper hand, read on.

  1. Visit the sites like and We and have a look at the top Tweets and top Twitterers. Analyse the tweets and twitterers you find here and try to learn what makes them so effective. Apply what you’ve learned and become a better Twitterer.
  2. Another good site to visit if you want to increase your marketing or search priorities is Here, finding people you want to follow or who you want to follow you is also made easy.
  3. Don’t be afraid to Re-Tweet messages and links that have relevance to your company. This has become popular practice and will give your presence a more social edge. Just make sure you acknowledge the original tweeter by using an @ sign.
  4. Also make sure that your Twitter Profile is up to date and demands attention. In the world of Twitter, this is known as your ‘business card’ (and for good reason). Many people lose followers because they neglect their profiles.

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