Social Media Marketing is in the process of turning into a mainstream advertising medium because it provides the perfect platform to find the people looking for your products and services right now. Gone are the days of relying solely on methods like cold-calling to find your prospective customers, they’re now waiting to be found on Social Media.

Twitter is a social networking site at the forefront of this phenomenon. Get on Twitter now so your business doesn’t miss out on the action. And if you’re already on Twitter then you should be ready and willing to respond to the wants and need of people out there with your products, services and solutions.

However, many people don’t know how to turn a random Tweet into a lead. The few pointers I’ve outlined below should help you generate leads on Twitter.

Target your area with Twitter Geotargeting

  • Use Twitter Search to find Tweets in your region
  • Use a Twitter Client like TweetDeck or Seesmic to receive real time results so you can reply on time
  • TwitHawk is a tool that fins tweets for you. This tool uses custom search queries to target potential clients and sends you an email notification when it finds a match. It’s perfect for those of you who just don’t have time for Twitter.

Participate in Conversation

Always respond to Tweets directed at your organisation and try to respond to Tweets that are about your industry. Tweeps (Twitter users) will feel special if they find a deal through Twitter. For example, if you run a pizza joint and you come across someone Tweeting about pizza, then you can respond with a Tweet like “@pizzalover Come in and get a pizza from me and I’ll give you a free Coke with it.”

Using TwitHawk you can setup a list of auto-responders that can rotate in reply to Tweets. Make sure you keep an eye on the results so you can reply personally when necessary.

Do Something Different

Turn your virtual followers into walk-in customers by offering something different on Twitter. A good idea is to distribute discount codes that are for exclusive use for those following you on Twitter.

Run a Competition

Offer a prize that make your followers Retweet your message. Competitions run on Twitter are attractive to Tweeps because they’re easy to enter and free.

Twitter Marketing Works

Twitter marketing works and if you spend enough time with it you’re bound to reach a level that few businesses achieve without spending huge amounts on traditional media. Become a thought leader in your industry on Twitter and people will follow you. They’ll be influenced by your knowledge and honesty and will start buying from you because they know they are getting good service and a reliable product from you.

WSI’s Social Media Marketing services can help you:

  • Create a buzz online
  • Build a following
  • Communicate with prospective/current customers

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